Did you know? We are now ClearSky!

The new ClearSky will continue to provide TEAMabsolute’s clients with high value-for-money HCM and business consulting services, for which the TEAMabsolute brand became renowned during its 20 years in business.  The groupelephant.com platform will allow ClearSky to accelerate the pace of its innovation for the benefit of its clients, building on the success of its proprietary Migrate.S3, Transport.S3, Transform.S3, Archive.S3, and Deploy.S3 software assets.

Keith McDermott, partner in groupelephant.com, added: “This acquisition allows us to expand and more fully service an existing Infor client base, and to add new Infor clients as we grow and develop our Group.  ClearSky is immediately established as an Infor HCM leader, and will be fortified through the groupelephant.com platform, with a newfound capacity to provide advisory, deployment and managed services to a growing worldwide client base.”

groupelephant.com is a largely employee-owned group of boutique professional services firms and software companies, employing more than 2,000 people across 16 brands in 29 countries, and servicing some of the world’s largest businesses and public sector agencies.  The Group is characterized by a primary strategic imperative in terms of which it goes ‘Beyond Corporate Purpose’ applying 1% of its revenues to conservation and social causes in rural Southern Africa. 

 While our new website is a work in progress, check it out:  www.clearskyerp.com

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