What do you plan to do with your legacy Lawson Data?
Nobody wants to get rid of data.  You love your data.  And, we at TEAMabsolute realize its importance.

Introducing our LEGACY.S3 Platform as a Service solution.  Geared for those who want to maintain a legacy Lawson Application Environment for several months or several years, LEGACY.S3 may be your answer as a cost-effective solution to achieving the goals of retiring Lawson V9 or V10 from internal resources.

LEGACY.S3 PaaS Benefits
For your Infor Lawson Legacy Application(s) and Data:


·       Relocated to TEAMabsolute’s secure facility

·       Maintained in a read-only state

·       Access and support of your V9 or V10 data

·       Keeps your legacy data available to migrate to V11 in the future

·       Eliminates all S3 support including hardware, licensing, and administration


TEAMabsolute can take care of your legacy data while you focus on the future: V11.

For more information about how TEAMabsolute can help you succeed with this project, or any of your Infor Lawson projects, give us a call at 612.746.4070 or email SalesTeam@TEAMabsolute.com.