Manage Your Test Data with DEPLOY.S3®


Create Data Subsets and Improve Test Data Management

  • Accelerate and Optimize Testing and Training Data
  • Enable the Business User to Easily Keep Non-Production Data Fresh
  • Increase Quality of Non-Production Development and Testing
  • Mask Sensitive Data and Reduce Security Concerns
  • Shrink the Footprint of Non-Production Data Bases

Don’t COPY your data – DEPLOY your data!
Infor Lawson is most likely the single largest software application you operate. Over years of operation, data has accumulated and the size of the database has introduced new challenges of administration, logistics and even the nightmare creating and maintaining multiple non-production data areas. And, having to copy an entire production data base to non-production instances, routine or not, will impact your entire organization.

Introducing DEPLOY.S3

We are the experts.
Nobody knows Lawson data better. TEAMabsolute’s proven data management framework allows us to bring to you the tools to ease the pain of maintaining non-production data sets. Without DEPLOY.S3 you either provision entire copies of production data or create and maintain your own set of custom programs.

Our proprietary EL Framework utilizes the Lawson Metadata to insure data integrity when we copy subsets of Lawson data directly into a Test Lawson Productline. Based on your parameters, DEPLOY.S3 uses the power of your Data Base to copy the targeted subset and all its related data. And, since DEPLOY.S3 executes on your Data Base, it’s CRAZY FAST!

The Future of Data for Everyone – DEPLOY.S3 your test data management solution.

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