Your Infor Lawson S3 system is a world class business solution that helps you run your business effectively. Day in and day out, critical transactions are collected and data continues to accumulate. With all this data accumulation there comes a time when you need to do something with the information that is no longer relevant to your operation on a day to day basis.

You need to cleanup unnecessary data for a variety of reasons including:

  • Performance of your systems
  • Adherence to your data governance policies
  • Reducing operational costs of managing large amounts of non-critical data

Simply purging the data may not be the solution based on your data retention policies. However, retaining the data in your production environment increases your costs as it relates to backups, recovery, upgrades, and general system performance. Up until now, the only solution available to you was building custom tools for specific systems and data. This approach can be costly, risky, and requires continuous updating.

What you need is a solution that allows you to purge non-critical, time oriented data, while providing the flexibility of making it available when you do need it. You need this tool to manage the operation of purging AND archiving based on a comprehensive architecture that ensures the integrity of the archive and provides the flexibility to retrieve the information at a later time. And the solution needs to work for any Infor Lawson S3 system you may have.

Introducing TEAMabsolute’s ARCHIVE.S3 – Purging and Archiving solution

Archive.S3 is the market’s first comprehensive solution that allows you to purge and archive your data while maintaining the flexibility to access the information at a later time.  But there’s more.  Our solution can deliver performance improvements in your applications, upgrades, and even testing. Archive.S3 excels in numerous areas:

  • Undo – We use the exact same logic to copy records to the Archive productline as we use for our purge of the Live productline. We know exactly which records were affected by the user’s parameters and are able to restore them into the Live productline with 100% confidence.
  • Speed – While other solutions use logic to extract the data from the Live productline and then execute the Lawson purge programs, we are able to execute our archive process (copy & purge) in 1/3 the time alone it takes for the Lawson purge programs to execute.
  • One Productline – We append to your archive database, rather than creating a new productline for each archive run, thus giving you the ability to report against multiple archiving runs.
  • Recurring Capabilities – We allow the user to set a recurring archiving run to be scheduled, allowing for a more maintenance-free schedule for archiving.
  • Separation of Processes – Our solution allows you to copy to the archive database independently for the purge of your live system.
  • Business Objects – By providing access to archived data directly from your Infor Lawson S3 system, our solution utilizes a “business object” approach to the archive process

In addition, this platform also provides you the potential to:

  • Improve your process by using the tool as part of your upgrade strategy – upgrading most of your data offline, then doing a final upgrade on the delta and reimported information. This can significantly reduce upgrade downtime.
  • Create subsets of data for testing purposes with capabilities such as masking to make test data “anonymous,” if necessary.
  • Upgrade your archive data if needed
  • Create any number of backups for offsite storage and later importing

Download the ARCHIVE.S3 Technical White Paper for a closer look at this innovative solution.

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