A Word from Our Founder

Our Passion

My devotion to my customers’ success started back in 1980 when I entered the world of Data Processing as a Junior Programmer. There was much to learn regarding the technologies of the day and how those technologies created business applications for the end-user. You see, it really was all about business, even though it took me a while to see it. As a young 21 year old programmer, I learned that my customers were my end-users; and my success depended on their acceptance of the work I produced.

Fast forward 35 years.  While today’s technologies have drastically changed, the concept of success, both mine and the customer’s, is still rooted in the customer’s acceptance of the software created and serviced.  I have worked as an employee, independent contractor, and business owner; and in all of those positions, I did my best to ensure my customers were and are satisfied with my work. Have I ever lost a customer? Sure. Even Vince Lombardi had his bad days. But, you pull up your britches, evaluate the situation, and get back in the game.

The company was named TEAMabsolute for two reasons: (1) TEAM is for teamwork – an organization that harnesses individual commitment, collaboration, and solidarity to create a group working towards a common goal, (2) ABSOLUTE – An unconditional pledge to the customer that the common goal is based on success.

When a customer comes to us with a technical challenge, we reframe it as a chance to solve a problem. We harness our anticipation of its solution to fuel its success. We alleviate our customers’ worries by helping them realize our team’s “can do” attitude, our fresh ideas, energy, and optimism will lead to their success. Come experience our passion.